A Halloween with Frankenstein and his bride

Game Overview

‘Trick and Treat’ is a web game that features a lighthearted take on virtual slot machine that players can play to win a Jackpot.

Game Play Mechanics

The player must choose a bet and click the trick or treat pumpkin button. When the pumpkin button is clicked, the bet value will be subtracted from the total player amount and the reels of the slot machine will run. If all the reels have machining values in three’s or two’s, then the player wins an amount from the jackpot. If player loses then the players bet is added to the jackpot.


The player ‘Monster Hand‘to control the mouse to interact with various buttons  in the game.

Monster Hand : controlled by the player

Pumpkin spin button: Used to spin the reels to calculate the winnings

 Reset Reel: Used to reset the  game play scene when player money is zero

Start Button: used to navigate to the gameplay scene

 Replay Button: used to navigate back to gameplay scene

 Exit Button: used to quit the game

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